The “Schutterijen” (Dutch for ‘Marksmen Guilds) and their members have always lived and worked in the heart of their community. This is why the organization of the European Archers Festival 2021 thinks it important that vulnerable social groups would benefit from any positive balance after the European Meeting in Deinze, Belgium. Therefore we made a choice for three charities that we’d like to support.

VIBLO Leieland

VIBLO Leieland is a school for special education in Deinze for children with special needs. These are pupils for whom it was already established in kindergarten or in primary school that they cannot continue to follow the regular education curriculum, as for instance children with autism spectrum disorder. (

Veilige thuis

VZW Veilige Thuis (Dutch for ‘Safe Home’) is a non-profit organization that offers tailormade support for people with disabilities. As a small-scale licensed healthcare provider in Deinze, they want to offer a warm, safe and accessible home to adults with a disability. (

Vrienden van Tanzania (Friends of Tanzania)

Vrienden van Tanzania (Friends of Tanzania) is an association, that was founded in 2010 by the Simons family. Until 2017 they supported a small Tanzanian NGO. Nowadays they focus on facilitating quality education in Northern Tanzania. (